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Benefits of Meditation for Heart Health


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Practicing meditation helps to improve your quality of life and it has many psychological and physical benefits.

It has been proven that meditation lessens levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. [Source: ForbesHealth]

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Regular meditation practice results in decreasing high blood pressure and improves heart health, with healthy lifestyle habits like a balanced diet and exercise.[Source: ForbesHealth]

According to research, meditation improves people's ability to sleep, improving heart health. [Source: ForbesHealth]

Meditation helps to increase mindfulness and awareness, leading to better heart health by reducing negative emotions and thoughts.

Regular meditation helps to improve circulation and lower the risk of heart disease.

Meditation has been proven to be a beneficial behavioral therapy for many illnesses linked to a compromised immune system. [Source: ForbesHealth]

Regular meditation increases positive emotions and well-being, which results in the improvement of heart health.

The mental discipline required to overcome unhealthy habits is developed through meditation. (Source:]

Regular meditation helps you to focus more, which improves your memory and mental clarity. []