5 Simple & Important Strategies to Live Heart Healthy Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle involves a range of healthy habits. By following these simple lifestyle changes you can reduce the risk factors for heart disease.

Following a healthy diet can help to lower blood pressure as it is a major risk factor for heart disease

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Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as it leads to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease.

According to a study, stress affects the risk factors for heart disease and stroke, so it is important to reduce and manage your stress.[Source: heart.org]

Maintain a healthy body weight as obesity increases at risk of high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. [Source: heart.org]

Staying physically active and socially engaged helps to improve heart health by reducing stress and promoting physical activity.

Incorporating these five simple lifestyle changes into your daily routine can significantly improve your heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease.