7 Exercises That Help Control Blood Sugar


All diabetics can manage their blood sugar levels and weight by exercising regularly. Here we listed 7 exercises that help you to fight diabetes.

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improves blood circulation and lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity and improving glucose uptake in muscle cells.


It is a great cardiovascular exercise that people with lower joint pain can do to improve insulin sensitivity in the body.


It is a type of full-body workout that can help lower blood sugar levels. It also minimizes the strain on your joints and improves your cardiovascular health.


It strengthens, builds your muscles, and helps to burn calories. It is best to seek a professional fitness trainer for guidance if you choose this exercise.


It helps in the management of diabetes by – Controlling cholesterol levels    & weight – Lowering the blood pressure – Improving flexibility and sleep    quality – Lowering stress level


It is a form of exercise that improves core strength, coordination, and balance. It increases muscle mass improving metabolic health thus helping to manage blood sugar levels.


Aerobic dance is a fun way to get moving and improve cardiovascular health. It helps in reducing weight and thus in diabetes management.

Other than the above-mentioned exercises, there are many activities like gardening, stair climbing, resistance training, etc, that can also help in controlling blood sugar levels.