Can COVID-19 Symptoms Get Worse Suddenly?


Yes, COVID-19 symptoms can worsen suddenly in some cases. One of the most common ways it can worsen suddenly is through the development of pneumonia.

This might lead to a number of issues such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, and coughing.

COVID-19 can also cause inflammation in the blood vessels, which can lead to a sudden worsening of symptoms such as chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Some people with COVID-19 may develop a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

This can result in a sudden worsening of respiratory symptoms and you may require hospitalisation.

In some cases, COVID-19 can cause the immune system to overreact, leading to a sudden worsening of symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, and fatigue.

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can also vary based on a person's underlying health conditions.

People with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes may be more at risk for sudden worsening of symptoms.

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