The DASH Diet and Eating Out: How to Make Healthy Choices


Here are a few tips for eating out while following the DASH Diet:

Request that your food does not contain any MSG, salt-containing substances, or additional salt. (Source:

Choose wisely, opt for dishes that are grilled, baked, or boiled instead of fried.

Watch portion sizes, share a dish, or ask for a to-go box to save half for later.

Order a side salad loaded up with vegetables or ask for extra vegetables to be added to your dish.

Look out for whole grain options and choose whole grain bread for sandwiches, whole grain pasta for dishes, and brown rice instead of white rice.]

Choose salsa, vinegar, or lemon instead of mayonnaise, creamy dressings, or other high-fat condiments.

Fresh fruit, sorbet, sherbet, fruit ice, meringues, or plain cake with fruit puree are all good options for dessert.

Drink water to hydrate; avoid sugary beverages, and consume alcohol in moderation.

By following these tips, you can eat out while following the DASH Diet, and maintain a healthy diet rich in nutrients.

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