How Does Good Lifestyle Affect Our Health? All You Need To Know


According to WHO, living a good lifestyle allows you to enjoy more aspects of your life. [Source:]

Living a good lifestyle keeps you active, healthy, and less prone to diseases. Here are a few benefits of living a healthy lifestyle:

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Living a healthy lifestyle reduces your chance of premature death by 57% from other causes, 65% from cardiovascular disease, and 66% from cancer. [Source: healthyeating.sfgate]

Longer life:

The strength of your immune system is increased by leading a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet food rich in nutrients. [Source: healthyeating.sfgate]

Stronger Immune System:

A good lifestyle with physical activity triggers the release of brain chemicals that boosts your self-confidence and mood. [Source: healthyeating.sfgate]

Better Mood:

A good lifestyle boosts your energy levels, strength, and endurance for extended periods of time. [Source: healthyeating.sfgate]

Energy, Strength and Endurance:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle reduces the need for medical care and helps you save money. [Source:]

Saves Money:

A healthy lifestyle makes you feel better, reduces the risk of diseases, and lengthens your lifespan.