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How Yoga Can Improve Heart Health? Know The Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga assists you in adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle in addition to enhancing fitness and reducing stress.

Yoga for Heart Health

According to Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa a yoga researcher and neuroscientist  - There are 4 distinct but interconnected areas in which yoga has specific benefits, not just for heart disease but for any illness.

4 Areas of Benefits

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According to a study, practicing active types of yoga regularly for a few months helps to lower blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease by an average of five points.

Lower Blood Pressure

Stress activates the body's fight-or-flight response and increases heart rate. Yoga helps to activate the opposite effect, the rest-and-digest response, and enables you to be less reactive to stress.

Reduce Stress

According to National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health survey, more than 80% of yoga enthusiasts reported a decrease in stress, the most vital element to prevent heart disease.

Prevent Heart Disease

A lifestyle that includes yoga as one of its four key components (low-fat vegan diet, maintenance of loving, moderate exercise, supportive relationships) helps to shrink blockages in arteries.

Yoga & Heart Health

Practicing yoga helps with weight management, which is an important factor in maintaining heart health.

Promote Weight Management

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Yoga is a form of exercise that promotes relaxation and mindfulness, which have a positive impact on your mental well-being and overall heart health.