Read About Atrial Fibrillation with Rapid Ventricular Response


In the case of A-fib with RVR, the heart's lower chambers also respond to faulty electrical signals and beat too fast and chaotically.

A-fib with RVR might not have symptoms and be identified during a checkup or a heart rhythm test.

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People with A-fib with RVR condition will experience these symptoms:

– Palpitations – Fatigue and weakness – Chest pain – Dizziness and lightheadedness – Shortness of breath

The diagnosis of A-fib with RVR can be made using several tests.

The following tests are among them: – Electrocardiogram (ECG) – Holter monitor – Event recorder – Chest X-ray – Echocardiogram

A-fib with RVR can be treated with a wide variety of treatments. Medication, heart rhythm-resetting procedures, surgery, and preventive measures are some of the treatment options.[MedicalNewsToday]

A person with A-fib with RVR can live a normal, healthy life with a lower risk of stroke and heart failure with the proper medication and lifestyle management.