Should You Exercise With COVID? Here’s What Doctors Say

Exercise is important for a healthy body. But if you tested positive for Covid-19, should you stop exercising?

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You are not supposed to work out when you have Covid-19 though you are asymptotic.  (Source: WSJ)

The reason to avoid working out is that exercising would worsen your health even though you may be feeling better with Covid-19.

If you do not have any serious symptoms, you are recommended to rest for at least 7 days and if you have low-risk symptoms, the duration of rest is 10 days.  (Source: WSJ)

As long as you don’t feel chest pain or fatigue, you can walk and do some light chores.

Do not get into a vigorous exercise regime once you have recovered as it may lead to injury.

Many physicians suggest a Covid-19 patient can adopt low-intensity exercises like walking, cycling, body stretching, and Yoga.

Start with a 15-minute walk every alternate day. You can increase the intensity slowly based on how better you feel each day.

You further need to check with your doctor whether to work out or not based on your age and overall health.