The Top 10 Stretches for a Healthy Heart


Tension in the neck can contribute to high blood pressure, so this stretch can help reduce that tension and lower blood pressure.

Neck Stretch:

Expanding the chest muscles can help improve lung function and oxygen flow, which benefits heart health.

Chest Stretch:

Reducing tension in the shoulders can help lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

Shoulder Stretch:

Relieving tension in the arms and shoulders can also contribute to lower blood pressure and better circulation.

Arm Stretch:

Stretches the oblique muscles, which can improve breathing and lung function, and reduce tension in the upper body.

Side Stretch:

Improves circulation and stretches the muscles in the back and abdomen, which can benefit heart health.

Torso Twist:

Tight hip flexors can contribute to lower back pain and other health issues, so this stretch can help improve overall health and mobility.

Hip Flexor Stretch:

Improving flexibility in the legs can reduce the risk of injury and improve circulation throughout the body.

Hamstring Stretch:

Stretching the quadriceps can help reduce tension in the legs and improve circulation.

Quad Stretch:

Stretching the calves can also reduce the risk of injury and improve circulation.

Calf Stretch:

Stretching is an easy and effective way to improve heart health. Incorporating stretches into your daily routine can reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase flexibility.


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