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Yoga & Heart Connection : All You Need To Know About


A large number of studies have proven that yoga is beneficial for several aspects of cardiovascular health.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

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Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines breathing techniques and a sequence of physical positions that helps with flexibility and relaxation.


One of yoga’s benefits to the heart is its ability to relax the body and mind. Blood pressure is raised by stress, which increases the risk of heart disease.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

Benefits of Yoga:

Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease:

Yoga is an effective lifestyle intervention since it lowers blood sugar levels which are risk factors for heart disease.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

Impact on Diabetes:

According to research, yoga is an effective method for assisting smokers in quitting, which is one of the largest risk factors for heart disease.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

Assisting with Smoking Cessation:

Yoga enhances your total body and heart health by improving muscle strength and balance.[Source:JohnsHopkinsMedicine]

Enhancement of Health:

While practicing yoga, use the Frontier X2 heart rate monitor to keep an eye on your heart rate and overall heart health.